How to use an NT User Database (SAM) as a DAF User Database

Starting with DAF version 5.0, it is possible to use a NT user database (local or domain) as a DAF user database. In other words, you may control accesses to a web site against a NT user database in conjunction with DAF features. By default, IIS will also authenticate users against a NT User Database but with limited features. For example, with an NT User Database used as a DAF User Database:

  • an user may login via a custom HTML Login (Popup authentication box not required)
  • a connected user may log off via a link
  • a connected user is disconnected after an inactivity time-out
  • concurrent accesses with a shared login may be limited
  • IP Filters based on the client address may be defined
  • dictionary attacks are detected

For more information, please refer to the documentation, section NT User Database Settings