How to use "UrlOnSuccess" HTML input field

If a login form contain an INPUT field named "UrlOnSuccess", on successful log-on, the client is redirected to the url defined by the value of the field. To use this feature simply add the the following INPUT field to your HTML form:

    <INPUT type=hidden name="UrlOnSuccess" value="http://MyUrl/...">

If you wish to generate a custom url based on the requested Url you must use a Url login form msg with token "URL" in the query string:


then build the custom url in the login form script:

<% if URL = "/newdoc/mydoc.htm" then %>

   <INPUT type=hidden name="UrlOnSuccess" value="http://Url1.....">

<% else %>

   <INPUT type=hidden name="UrlOnSuccess" value="http://Url2.....>

<% end if %>

See also: How to use the requested Url after a successful log-on