[Submit internal notification]

This feature will submit an HTTP request when the IP Filter condition is met. Typically, this feature will be used to execute a custom script.

The Url to query must be specified in field [Url]. The following token are accepted:

#IPFILTER_DESCRIPTION# : will be replaced by the IP filter description
REMOTE_ADDR# : will be replaced by the remote IP address
IPFILTER_COMMENT# : will be replaced by the IP filter comment

For example, the string below


will generate a query similar to:


Make sure to specify an notification Url that will not be caught by the same filter. This would generate an infinite loop.

The query may return in its body a tag "Actions" to define which actions should be executed next. If no "Actions" tag is found in the reply body, all actions defined in the configuration are axecuted.

For example, the following ASP script will notify Administrators by email and write the event in the match log file:


Tmp = "<actions>"
Tmp = Tmp & "<action ID=""1""><cmd>WRILOG</cmd></action>"
Tmp = Tmp & "<actionID=""2""><cmd>EMAIL</cmd><params><RunOnce>1</RunOnce></params></action>"
Tmp = Tmp & "</actions>"
Tmp = Tmp & "<comment>UrlCustom</comment>"

response.write Tmp