DAF may use a text file as a user database store. Two file formats are supported: XML and a custom format (DAF 4.2 and older compliant)

[Text File Location]

Use this field to pointe the text file to use as the user database.

[File format]


When this option is selected the user database must following the XML Data Store Specifications

[DAF 4.2 and older]

Refer to DAF 4.2 documentation at http://support.dafweb.com/doc42/configtool/doc_4x_db_text.htm

[Date Format]

This option allow to specify the date format expected for the user property <ExpDate>.

[Write Hit Info]

If option [Write Date of visit] is enabled, a time stamp will be written in the file in the user property <LastVisit>. The date format is always "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS", it is not affect by the [Date Format] setting.

if option [Write visits count] is enabled, the user property <NbVisit> will be incremented at each new session.