Test a protected site

  • Launch the Live Log Viewer (CLIENTLOG.EXE)
  • Launch a browser (i.e. Internet Explorer)
  • Type in Url http://domain.com/dafdemoprv  (sample protected area):
  • Access should be denied, and a login form should displayed (Basic or HTML)
  • Type in a valid login/password pair.
    With the sample XML user db,
      - login "john" with password "left" is a valid pair
      - login "jack" with password "blue" is an Expired account
  • If session state is enabled (usually with HTML Login forms):
    - you may view the list of users currently logged: right-click on the site and  choose [Lists/Sessions]. If prompted for credentials, type in a local NT administrator login/password pair.
    - the client may log off: click link log off or type url "http://domain.com/logoff.htm".

DAF filter (as IIS 6.0) starts on demand, therefore the first request may require a longer reply delay, typically 10 to 30 seconds.